Over ‘Effectief leren’ in de handboeken van lerarenopleidingen

In Onderwijsinnovatie, een vakblad voor Belgisch en Nederlands hoger onderwijs, schreven Tim Surma e.a.  een vereenvoudigde Nederlandstalige versie van hun artikel, dat vorige maand verscheen in het tijdschrift Teaching and Teacher Education: Effectief leren in de handboeken van lerarenopleidingen.

Onderwijsinnovatie, Nummer 2 – juni 2018, p.36-38.



The results of our content analysis revealed that there is a need for greater and more accurate coverage of distributed practice and retrieval practice in introductory textbooks and syllabi in Teacher education programmes. Future teachers should be well-prepared to teach with good, evidence-informed knowledge of how students learn. This study demonstrates that this is not always the case, with some educational psychology textbooks omitting or neglecting this. Authors of textbooks and syllabi are invited to include essential information on learning strategies in subsequent versions of their learning materials while educational policy can promote better use of sound research knowledge in teacher education. Although this study was carried out only in Flanders and the Netherlands, the authors believe that the findings are relevant across borders as witnessed in the NCTQ report (Pomerance et al., 2016). Delivering learning materials that report the science of learning for future teachers is an achievable objective which can be realised in the short-term.