Ten Tools for Teaching With YouTube Videos

When sharing videos with students in an online format, add some questions for them to answer or ideas for them to consider as they watch. Here are five tools that are good for doing that.

EDpuzzle remains at the top of the list of recommended tools for creating flipped video lessons.

Vialogues is a free service that allows you to build online discussions around videos hosted online and videos that you have saved on your computer.

VideoNotes is a neat tool for taking notes while watching videos.

Teachem is a service that uses the TED Ed model of creating lessons based on video.

TES Teach makes it easy for teachers to organize and share educational materials in a visually pleasing format.
When you’re showing a video in your classroom you can remove distracting sidebar and “related” materials from YouTube with the following tools.

ViewPure is one of the longest standing recommendations for viewing YouTube videos without distractions.

Watchkin is a service that provides a few ways to watch YouTube videos without seeing the related video suggestions and comments.

Quietube is a convenient tool that you can add to your browser’s bookmarks bar.

Tube is a free tool that provide a minimalist view of YouTube.

SafeShare.tv makes it possible to view YouTube videos without displaying the related videos and associated comments.